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Neuroradiologist in Northwest Montana

What is Neuroradiology?

X-rays and other imaging tests have become almost commonplace. The name neuroradiology or neuroimaging implies that it helps physicians diagnose abnormalities of the brain, spine, head and neck.

The neuroradiologists with Northwest Imaging are all board-certified by the American Board of Radiology and provide neuroradiology services for patients throughout Montana. Contact us today for more information on the neuroradiology services we offer.

Let’s Begin With A Neuroradiologist

A neuroradiologist is a highly specialized radiologist who assists with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the brain, head, neck, and spine. Neuroradiology is a subspecialty of radiology.

Their job entails the following:

What Are the Common Neuroradiology Tests?

Neuroradiology tests are painless, non-invasive, and produce high resolution images. The most common ones include a CT scan and an MRI, and you are probably familiar with them. They give radiologists and other doctors layer by layer images of the inside of your body.

An MRI uses magnetic resonance. The patient is placed inside a large piece of equipment, and unless you have problems with claustrophobia, this test is completely painless.

A CT or CAT scan produces wafer thin images to help doctors diagnose cancer and other conditions.

Both of these tests can diagnose issues with your central nervous system, and they give doctors and the patient the information needed to decide on the best treatment plan.

What Are the Benefits Of Neuroradiology Tests?

  • They help determine if surgery is needed
  • Reduce the need for exploratory surgery
  • Reduce the length of hospital stays
  • Improve cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Help to guide treatments for injuries and strokes
  • Help manage whether treatments are working

In addition, these tests are interpreted and delivered quickly allowing for early interventions and treatments.

Neuroradiology with Northwest Imaging

Contact Northwest Imaging if you have any more questions or concerns about a neuroradiology test. The board-certified radiologists with Northwest Imaging utilize the latest imaging technology and have extensive experience performing a wide array of safe and accurate diagnostic tests. Contact us today for more information on the neuroradiology exams we perform at our many Montana radiology clinics. We have clinics in Browning, Townsend, Libby, Kalispell, Plains, Whitefish, Hot Springs, Chester, Shelby, Conrad, Cut Bank, Lakeside, Columbia Falls, Eureka, Fort Benton, Polson, Malta, Rnan, and Choteau.